Team Consulting

Everything that you need to start and maintain a business.

About us

TEAM CONSULTING is a company with international experience offering complex services. Our aim is to build a bridge between East and West, to offer opportunities for business co-operation between the two regions. To fulfil that the professional background of different fields (investment opportunities, setting up and developing business relations, the legal and financial background of business relations, the supply of workforce and real estate agency services, commercial and business representation) is guaranteed by our experienced colleagues. Our company offers its services in the following languages: English, Russian, German, Italian and Hungarian. On request Polish communication can also be provided.


Quality, cost-efficient business services in Hungary and in the Eastern European region, connecting Western and Eastern business opportunities, services in five languages (English, Russian, German, Italian and Hungarian).


Everything that you need to start and maintain a business.


Quality work, good financial conditions, quick and efficient co-operation, internationally experienced team.


Setting up and developing business relations

  • Searching and screening of business partners
  • Preparing business and commercial contracts
  • Representation on business meetings
  • Ensuring wide-range of choice of investment opportunities

Representing Hungarian companies abroad

  • Communication to foreign business partners
  • Preparation of trading with Hungarian companies
  • The business support of Hungarian companies abroad
  • Searching of business partners abroad
  • The preparation of contracts and meetings

Complex services for foreign companies

  • Formation of a company and its additional legal services
  • Tax consultancy services, accounting, auditing
  • Residence and employee permits
  • Searching of appropriate colleagues
  • Complex services for start-up companies

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2120 Dunakeszi, Fillér u. 20.
Budapest: H-1055 Budapest, Honvéd u. 40. III. emelet
Tel.: +36 1 793 4149